‘Mr. Robot’ Final Season Hints Revealed in Interactive Site

After a nearly two year absence since Season 3 aired, Mr. Robot is gearing up for its fourth and final season with an ominous tease.

Not a video, nor a single image — the show’s Twitter account shared a few cryptic messages on Wednesday, concluding with a follow-up tweet this Thursday. Reading like Clement Clarke Moore’s ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, the sequence of tweets teases a major revolution.

“‘Twas the winter of 2015, mere months after the hack, And Evil Corp’s stock prices were starting to bounce back. The top 1% slept snug in their beds, As dreams of corruption danced in their heads,” reads the first verse.

The four tweets conclude with this last verse, “One last time, come fight for our revolution, Make those in control suffer swift retribution. Then, brothers and sisters, we’ll sing till we ache: ‘We are society, and we are finally awake!'”

Along with that final tweet is a link to the website along with the above image of a bloodied Anonymous pattern in the snow. The link leads to an interactive page that could provide some key clues about the mysterious and exciting final season. Enter at your own risk and join the revolution today.