Julia Roberts, Matthew Weiner, Neil Gaiman Headline Amazon’s London TV Showcase

Undoubtedly the biggest name of the whole showcase, however, was Roberts, who helped introduce her upcoming psychological thriller series Homecoming — set to land in all Amazon Video territories Nov. 2 — alongside showrunner and director Sam Esmail.

Although the show, based on the hit podcast of the same name about a caseworker at a secret government facility, was Roberts’ first foray into the world of TV, she revealed that the production had been set up very much like a big-screen project.

“Sam really made an effort on my behalf to create it and shoot it as a movie would have been,” she said. “Our first AD Peter Kohn was the first on The Pelican Brief, and a lot of the crew I knew from movies. And the way we film it was in blocks, very much like a movie.

Esmail said that a second season of Homecoming was already in the works.